Monday, July 12, 2010

brittneys personal proposal entries

Sleeping Beauty - Kitty

Jack and the Beanstalk - Marlon

The Selkie - Jewelz

I really really really like working this way better. 100% improvement for me personally too, much prefer the techniques.

My computer broke today at 2 and I'm on my way to the Apple store to fix it so I thought I would post these now rather than posting nothing. Will be finished and updated soon!

Monday, June 28, 2010

brittney's 3D entries

kDee is very sweet and kind hearted her match is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Avery is one of my friends that is going to school for music. He wants to be a producer/mixer and he raps. I chose Apollo the sun god, because he was also the god of poetry, music, and all that fun stuff.

Jake is one of my old co-workers from hot topic. He lives really close to school in a punk house with like 8 other people. His match is Dionysus modified into a drunken robot because he loves robots and loves being drunk.

Things I dislike:

1.) I painted directly on the people I was illustrating, but didn't find anything to capture the quality of my sketches onto skin. So that was a pretty big fail for me. I was using brush pen, but it bled and got all yucky and pretty much looked like rubbish.

2.) I am so insanely busy with working full time, my other summer class, and preparing to leave for vacation on Sunday, on top of a hundred other things going on in my life that I didn't have a lot of time this week I was going to print it out on vellum and make the nice spreads again for the previous week and this week to match the first entries more, but alas.

3.) Arranging times to meet up with people was kind of hard and blocking out an hour to paint them.

4.) I didn't finish Kdee's sketch yet, I am creatively drained/falling into the I don't give s*** category, hence the much needed vacation for the summer.

5.) I don't know why jakes bio is underlined in blue like a link, I couldn't get that to go away.

Things I do like:

I really like the illustrations by themselves in the tempera instead of watercolor I think that was improved and I'm satisfied with them especially the robot <3

Monday, June 21, 2010

brittney's maximizing the page - entries

Tara is another one of my best friends. She is very book smart, loves her dog, and acts like shes my mom a lot (i.e. cooks for me, asks about my health/sleep, and like to "take care" of me), and has a sparrow tattoo on her foot. I chose Artemis the Greek goddess of nature/wilderness and childbirth as Tara's alter ego. Artemis is usually depicted with either a stag, wolf, or bird and because of Tara's tattoo I chose to stick mostly with birds. The moon is also associated with Artemis. Tara in general reminds me of being very earthy, so I chose an earth tone palette for her.

Julian goes to MCAD and is one of my friends from school. He is pretty much made for medieval times. If this were like an era of Vikings and stuff he would fit right in, but its not, so he's just overly muscular and tall with a deep voice. Julian is very nice to me though and sometimes I feel like he gets sort of a bad rep as being scary, but he's really a big ole softie. Anyways, Julian is quite the party animal and he often times has this coin-like personality sort of like a good side and a bad side well not necessarily bad, but a "darker" side. His alter ego is a lycanthrope or more commonly known "werewolf". The lycanthrope can be traced back to Greek mythology. The most obvious connection being the transformation and struggle between balance of good/evil. If Julian were a color to me, he would me muddy water colored, in a good way that's not an insult and only makes sense to me I'm pretty sure, so I tried to combine a scheme that fit that feeling.

Willie is hands down one of my funniest friends, we worked together at Best Buy for like ever and he is soooo funny. He has this unicorn sweatshirt he wears all the time in public and he really likes this game on Adult Swim called Robot Unicorn Attack so, the obvious love of unicorns originally drew me to choosing a unicorn for his alter ego specifically a badass rainbowy robot one, but the unicorn is also mentioned in Lewis Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass and is quite humorous. I chose blue, because we worked at Best Buy and I mostly saw him wearing blue.

Maximizing the Canvas:

I tried a new technique of drawing/painting on a human canvas my roommate volunteered, and I think it turned out pretty cool. It was my first time ever so I tried to use water soluable materials like crayola markers, water color, and brush pen, also, I didn't want her to break out or anything. But I think if I'm pushing this like I intend to do for next week I'm going to need to find better mediums maybe invest in face/body paint or something similar made for skin application. It was surprising how well the pieces fit compositionally to the curves of the body and I'm very happy with placement/composition for the most part. I want to be a tattoo artist eventually so this was kind of fun to just play with using skin as a canvas.

Next week, I'm going to get the people I'm doing for my journal to sit for me so I can draw their portrait and their alter ego on them and then take pictures :)

Things I'm Not Happy About:

1.) Obviously, I didn't allow myself enough time to sew the transparent parts on and I lost my needle on top of it, so I will have to sew them on and re-scan them later this week.

2.) I had intended to print the pictures of the illustrations on vellum and then sew the printed ones on to keep consistency, but when I went to the store to buy vellum for my printer, they were out of the slightly frosted vellum that I normally print on so I bought semi-transluscent drafting paper and tried to print on that instead, but its much more slick than the vellum and the ink smeared right off and made a mess for me and my printer, so I had to improvise and just crappily layer it in Photoshop to be able to post it on here on time.

3.) When moving things around in my studio I accidently ripped off part of Julian's head. Whoops!

Monday, June 14, 2010

brittney's depth and content entries

Talon is wonderful I can blab about him forever and all the sickenly sweet things I would say would make you want to vomit, but he is very honest, trustworthy, and I have lots of faith in him. I chose his mythological alter ego to be Odin, because he loves Norse mythology and because I thought it fit pretty well. Odin has two ravens Thought and Memory, a sweet sword, usually is brandishing a helm and shield, and has an eight legged horse. Along with a pack of two wolves that he commands and a magic spear that never misses its target and a magic ring, which are not featured in my illustration. And on top of it he only consumes wine or mead. Party on Odin, party on. And Valkyries are his bitches. That's right. Talon is wise beyond his years and bad ass. So that's where I drew the comparison. My Odin is kind of like a monstrous combination that's more of an eight legged centaur. For Talon I chose red for the vibrant energy.

Myra is my best friend, room mate, and one of my favorite people ever. She is kind, considerate, caring, loyal, and everything you could want in a best friend. Along with being compassionate, she always sees the good in people and is very intelligent. Her fairy tale alter ego is Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. In my modern rendition she is a punk-ish looking girl with a torn dress, converse high tops, and the Beast is protecting her, because she herself is fragile and sensitive to the real world around her. Beauty was selfless and took the place of her father at Beast's castle. And able to see the goodness inside the Beast despite his appearance. I always think of purple for tranquility/calm when I think of Myra, so I went with purple and indigo.

p.s. to everyone, I, for some reason am much better at drawing women than I am at drawing men. That is all.

Brian has been a close friend since the beginning of high school. I chose Orpheus, because he was essentially a sweet bard. Brian is really good at telling stories, and entertaining people in general he's very funny and sociable. However, like Orpheus, Brian doesn't have very good luck with the ladies. The death of Orpheus is what is most concerning Orpheus decided one day to stop believing in Dionysus his patron god and instead chose to follow Apollo the sun god and renounced all the other gods, so a mob of Dionysus' followers came to him at sun rise while he waited for Apollo and cut off his head. I find it almost too coincidental with the timing of this project that our friendship of many years is becoming precarious, and follows the storyline a little too well. Minus the beheading part. Brian wears lots of lime green and whenever I see green it reminds me of him.

Overall for these entries I focused on the techniques of:

Random Stimulation: While I was sketching the portraits and characters I had it in my mind that they would be completely finished drawings mixed with acrylic or tempera, but as I was sketching rather aggressively I stopped paying attention to what I was doing and really focused on the sketches themselves, and didn't even think. It became a kinetic exercise and like Jackson Pollock always ranted on about it was "an act of the collective subconscious" "almost like a trance." I liked them so much I decided to leave them and top them with india ink and workable fixative in case I wanted to re-approach it later, but I love the sketches themselves being raw and energetic.

Color Selection: Rather than choosing multiple colors I decided to pick one color per person and character that I felt most strongly associated with that person. Subjectively assigning color, if you will. Then focused on hues and textures to make my entries more tangible.

Visual Voice: I had been thinking about how I would want my journal to look and I wanted it crazy and expressive, but polished and presentable at the same time. I think by using the sketches with the textured paper, and hand stitching it created a mood for the rest of my journal, that I am glad to carry out. The only thing I wanted to do and didn't yet was add copy of descriptions like what I typed next to the spreads above. I ran out of time to write and stitch those, but if I have more free time this week I will revisit that idea, because I really like the idea of my visual journal being a complete piece based off of process and exploration.

Embedded Images: I found that using the transparent drawing paper would allow to see the beautiful textures underneath the line work of my sketches. And then hand stitched the images onto the paper giving it an even more tangible feeling and the action itself was very personal.

Monday, June 7, 2010

brittney's title page, collection, and mind maps

Title Page:
My Visual Journal is an exploration of my interests with:
& fairy tales/mythology

<3 britt

Collection: 2 page spread in journal 2/4 pages thus far. Ripped images to form collage from:
~An Illustrated Treasury of Fairy and Folk Tales by James Riodan
~Favorite Tales From Grimm & Andersen Illustrated by Jiri Trnka
~Andersen's Fairy Tales Illustrated by Maxwell Armfield
~Grimm's Fairy Tales Illustrated by Ludwig Emil Grimm
~Myths, Gods and Fantasy by Pamela Allardice

Mind Map 1:
Theme 1: Others Around Me - Basically, portraits with descriptions paralleling my friends with alter ego characters from fairy tales specifically Grimm & Andersen tales, and Norse and Greek Mythology. (See Mind Maps for more specifics)

Mind Map 2:
Theme 2: Modern Day Fairy Tales/Mythology - My own modern twist on Grimm & Andersen's tales or Norse and Greek Mythology. (See Mind Map for more specifics)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Digital Illustration - Spyhouse Exhibit

So had to design a poster that went into a collaborative class exhibit/gallery held at the Spyhouse Coffee shop on 25th and Nicollet near school I chose to illustrate my favorite drink the Tokyo Rose. Digital painting in PhotoShop was the only requirement. So the geisha lips and face were digitally painted. Let me tell you it was a biiiiiitch to come up with this idea/execute and overall I think I delved too much into the design aspect, but in my head I wanted to make a promotional poster for the drink and would if Spyhouse wanted me to, was planning on making a poster for each one of the specialty drinks in a similar fashion. Those sexy lips took me two days to get somewhat right and theyre not even all the way there yet. ahhhhh i hated this project lol dont even rele like the final version, but when over phenominally in critique finally. for once lol

Concepts and Metaphors - Editorial Illustration

My editorial piece was about criminalizing miscarriage in Utah, pretty much if they suspect any foul play they will arrest the mom, kind of unconstitutional and the law does not clearly define what is or is not included in the law so plenty of loop holes for douches but if there is a good prosecutor anything can apply if twisted around right. So We had to work with symbols and metaphors. The symbols are the broken heart made by the framing of the hands and the orange jail uniform. It shows the heart brokeness and the pain involved in miscarriage and how they are trying to make something that can happen accidently and naturally into something criminal adding insult to injury. Loves playing around with texture this is a re-done assignment looks much better than the first go around. Very successful and polished, and strong use of concept that is relevant to the article that I chose for this particular topic.

Print Paper Book - Collaborative Japanese Bound Book "Between"

Japanese Binding on the side the topic was "Between" and could be taken anyway it had to have two layers at least and we could use any relief technique we learned up until this point.

Example of the Book.

My page in our book :)

One of my favorite poems printed on vellum hand stitched to iridescent paper which a white inked linoleum relief print of a girl with lionesque hair holding her face with a flower in her mouth, with waves in the background. Rather pleased and I appeared to be one of the people who paid the closest attention to detail and really thought out my project. Very proud of this for the mixed medium and design approach.

Print Paper Book - Pulp Painting

Artsy variety shot ;)

Detail of stencil work in the roses

Pulp printing, so taking what i learned from the hand made paper you again take the screen and use the base color of whatever pulp you were using (bottom right was a lovely lavender mix Bridgitte O'Mailey made for us) and transfer it to the felt cloth. Then you place a stencil I made my stencil with one of those overhead transparency sheets (can't remember what its called but its semi-thick sheet of clear plastic) and an exacto knife. Place the stencil on the still wet paper square base. Mix more pulp, with dye, setting mix which is like goo, and color holder so it doesnt blend and bleed all over. Mix that concoction to a good consistency and then you literally paint over the stencil and you paint with more pulp onto the wet pulp creating an image that dries when the fibers attach to one another and then it is permanently stuck in the paper. I chose to do old school roses and they turned out beautifully.

Print Paper Book - Hand Made Paper

Detail Shot of handmade paper

Variety of hand made paper

The full set of hand made paper used screen with pulp then transferred to felt cloths then set up by a fan to dry and the fibers cling together i got the speckled rainwater effect by first dipping my screen in one solid color example on the far right all blue cotton/denim mix for a base then used plain cotton white picked it up with my hands and dribbled it over the screen to produce those lovely grungy spots for added character.

Red Riding Hood - Digital Watercolor

Digital watercolor in Corel for my digital illustration class. Topic was illustrate a conversation and my friend Julian and I had talked about doing a collaborative project about twisted fairytales that would uncannily be dark, morbid, sexual, strange etc. so here we have Red Riding Hood with the wolf, but shes doesn't seem to be afraid ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Page Process

This is my sexy page for our collaborative book for print paper book. its the sketch and i have the linoleum block as well.

Cut lino-block!

Snow White/Marie Antoinette

The Final Scans! Woop Woop!

The Blood Countess Final

The Final Scans! Woop Woop

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Please full view to get the desired bigger higher res pic k thanks. This is a zombie chick eatin a heart :] for my digital illustration class we had to illustrate the topic "food". which I very loosely interpreted. gonna change some stuff like the outlines and add a background maybe play with not using black.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dinner Tiiime

This is for my digital illustration class and the topic was "food" very open interpretation he didn't give us any guidelines there just had to be food. This is just the line work/sketch so far and then it has to go into adobe illustrator and then we are required to use live trace and live paint to finish it. I actually really like this assignment and its the first from this class that i've enjoyed yet :]

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reduction Relief Print: Decapitated Snow White/Marie Antoinette

This is the starting sketch for my reduction relief print for my print paper book class. I think it looks pretty sweet. Well anyways the print has to be cut then inked then cut again then inked in another color and then repeat etc. to get different colors. So I will have 4 colors as per the assignments requirements. Her hair will be the first layer and will be light brown, next the mushrooms and feathers will be a medium brown, the bow and lips and blood and apple will be a reddish brown and then last all the black outlines you see here will be a very dark brown. I have some elegant paper i'm printing on that is semi-victorian and im pretty excited but the cutting of the linoleum for this process is really really weird. like the layers and way you have to cut to isolate the colors during the printing process is very mathematical and planned out and my brain doesnt like to think that way, so we'll see what happens....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Print Paper Book Project 2: The Blood Countess Relief Print Final

I cut my pinky finger and fingernail while I was using my incising tool on my linoleum block. Sad day. :*(

This is the finished cut block of linoleum I can continually use this to make more prints if I desire.

I printed on a small hand press in the print shop and I used acid-free scrapbooking paper I got from jo anns from another project I did last year fortunately I had lots of victorianesque and very grungy purples and reds which worked beautifully for my theme. I had to make 7 editions so I have 7 prints total all on a different design of paper. I am VERY pleased with how this came out [: The following are some examples of the different types of papers and to show the different quality of the prints due to how much ink was applied and pressure.

Final of Digital Illustration Pattern Project

So here it is the finished pattern with hibiscus, cherry blossom, and vine-type plant I didn't particularly enjoy this, but I think I pulled it off. Maybe. lol This is the pattern tiled and how it would look if it were replicated.

This is the swatch for the pattern.
Thank goodness this is done lol.