Monday, June 7, 2010

brittney's title page, collection, and mind maps

Title Page:
My Visual Journal is an exploration of my interests with:
& fairy tales/mythology

<3 britt

Collection: 2 page spread in journal 2/4 pages thus far. Ripped images to form collage from:
~An Illustrated Treasury of Fairy and Folk Tales by James Riodan
~Favorite Tales From Grimm & Andersen Illustrated by Jiri Trnka
~Andersen's Fairy Tales Illustrated by Maxwell Armfield
~Grimm's Fairy Tales Illustrated by Ludwig Emil Grimm
~Myths, Gods and Fantasy by Pamela Allardice

Mind Map 1:
Theme 1: Others Around Me - Basically, portraits with descriptions paralleling my friends with alter ego characters from fairy tales specifically Grimm & Andersen tales, and Norse and Greek Mythology. (See Mind Maps for more specifics)

Mind Map 2:
Theme 2: Modern Day Fairy Tales/Mythology - My own modern twist on Grimm & Andersen's tales or Norse and Greek Mythology. (See Mind Map for more specifics)

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  1. Hi Brittney,
    Just letting you know that I have included your work in our latest article here: Please let me know if you are happy for us to do so. I would also love to be able to include your full name and school, if possible, so I can credit you properly for your work. Looking forward to hearing from you! :)