Thursday, April 29, 2010

Digital Illustration - Spyhouse Exhibit

So had to design a poster that went into a collaborative class exhibit/gallery held at the Spyhouse Coffee shop on 25th and Nicollet near school I chose to illustrate my favorite drink the Tokyo Rose. Digital painting in PhotoShop was the only requirement. So the geisha lips and face were digitally painted. Let me tell you it was a biiiiiitch to come up with this idea/execute and overall I think I delved too much into the design aspect, but in my head I wanted to make a promotional poster for the drink and would if Spyhouse wanted me to, was planning on making a poster for each one of the specialty drinks in a similar fashion. Those sexy lips took me two days to get somewhat right and theyre not even all the way there yet. ahhhhh i hated this project lol dont even rele like the final version, but when over phenominally in critique finally. for once lol

Concepts and Metaphors - Editorial Illustration

My editorial piece was about criminalizing miscarriage in Utah, pretty much if they suspect any foul play they will arrest the mom, kind of unconstitutional and the law does not clearly define what is or is not included in the law so plenty of loop holes for douches but if there is a good prosecutor anything can apply if twisted around right. So We had to work with symbols and metaphors. The symbols are the broken heart made by the framing of the hands and the orange jail uniform. It shows the heart brokeness and the pain involved in miscarriage and how they are trying to make something that can happen accidently and naturally into something criminal adding insult to injury. Loves playing around with texture this is a re-done assignment looks much better than the first go around. Very successful and polished, and strong use of concept that is relevant to the article that I chose for this particular topic.

Print Paper Book - Collaborative Japanese Bound Book "Between"

Japanese Binding on the side the topic was "Between" and could be taken anyway it had to have two layers at least and we could use any relief technique we learned up until this point.

Example of the Book.

My page in our book :)

One of my favorite poems printed on vellum hand stitched to iridescent paper which a white inked linoleum relief print of a girl with lionesque hair holding her face with a flower in her mouth, with waves in the background. Rather pleased and I appeared to be one of the people who paid the closest attention to detail and really thought out my project. Very proud of this for the mixed medium and design approach.

Print Paper Book - Pulp Painting

Artsy variety shot ;)

Detail of stencil work in the roses

Pulp printing, so taking what i learned from the hand made paper you again take the screen and use the base color of whatever pulp you were using (bottom right was a lovely lavender mix Bridgitte O'Mailey made for us) and transfer it to the felt cloth. Then you place a stencil I made my stencil with one of those overhead transparency sheets (can't remember what its called but its semi-thick sheet of clear plastic) and an exacto knife. Place the stencil on the still wet paper square base. Mix more pulp, with dye, setting mix which is like goo, and color holder so it doesnt blend and bleed all over. Mix that concoction to a good consistency and then you literally paint over the stencil and you paint with more pulp onto the wet pulp creating an image that dries when the fibers attach to one another and then it is permanently stuck in the paper. I chose to do old school roses and they turned out beautifully.

Print Paper Book - Hand Made Paper

Detail Shot of handmade paper

Variety of hand made paper

The full set of hand made paper used screen with pulp then transferred to felt cloths then set up by a fan to dry and the fibers cling together i got the speckled rainwater effect by first dipping my screen in one solid color example on the far right all blue cotton/denim mix for a base then used plain cotton white picked it up with my hands and dribbled it over the screen to produce those lovely grungy spots for added character.

Red Riding Hood - Digital Watercolor

Digital watercolor in Corel for my digital illustration class. Topic was illustrate a conversation and my friend Julian and I had talked about doing a collaborative project about twisted fairytales that would uncannily be dark, morbid, sexual, strange etc. so here we have Red Riding Hood with the wolf, but shes doesn't seem to be afraid ;)