Thursday, April 29, 2010

Concepts and Metaphors - Editorial Illustration

My editorial piece was about criminalizing miscarriage in Utah, pretty much if they suspect any foul play they will arrest the mom, kind of unconstitutional and the law does not clearly define what is or is not included in the law so plenty of loop holes for douches but if there is a good prosecutor anything can apply if twisted around right. So We had to work with symbols and metaphors. The symbols are the broken heart made by the framing of the hands and the orange jail uniform. It shows the heart brokeness and the pain involved in miscarriage and how they are trying to make something that can happen accidently and naturally into something criminal adding insult to injury. Loves playing around with texture this is a re-done assignment looks much better than the first go around. Very successful and polished, and strong use of concept that is relevant to the article that I chose for this particular topic.

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