Thursday, April 29, 2010

Digital Illustration - Spyhouse Exhibit

So had to design a poster that went into a collaborative class exhibit/gallery held at the Spyhouse Coffee shop on 25th and Nicollet near school I chose to illustrate my favorite drink the Tokyo Rose. Digital painting in PhotoShop was the only requirement. So the geisha lips and face were digitally painted. Let me tell you it was a biiiiiitch to come up with this idea/execute and overall I think I delved too much into the design aspect, but in my head I wanted to make a promotional poster for the drink and would if Spyhouse wanted me to, was planning on making a poster for each one of the specialty drinks in a similar fashion. Those sexy lips took me two days to get somewhat right and theyre not even all the way there yet. ahhhhh i hated this project lol dont even rele like the final version, but when over phenominally in critique finally. for once lol

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