Thursday, April 29, 2010

Print Paper Book - Pulp Painting

Artsy variety shot ;)

Detail of stencil work in the roses

Pulp printing, so taking what i learned from the hand made paper you again take the screen and use the base color of whatever pulp you were using (bottom right was a lovely lavender mix Bridgitte O'Mailey made for us) and transfer it to the felt cloth. Then you place a stencil I made my stencil with one of those overhead transparency sheets (can't remember what its called but its semi-thick sheet of clear plastic) and an exacto knife. Place the stencil on the still wet paper square base. Mix more pulp, with dye, setting mix which is like goo, and color holder so it doesnt blend and bleed all over. Mix that concoction to a good consistency and then you literally paint over the stencil and you paint with more pulp onto the wet pulp creating an image that dries when the fibers attach to one another and then it is permanently stuck in the paper. I chose to do old school roses and they turned out beautifully.

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