Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dinner Tiiime

This is for my digital illustration class and the topic was "food" very open interpretation he didn't give us any guidelines there just had to be food. This is just the line work/sketch so far and then it has to go into adobe illustrator and then we are required to use live trace and live paint to finish it. I actually really like this assignment and its the first from this class that i've enjoyed yet :]

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reduction Relief Print: Decapitated Snow White/Marie Antoinette

This is the starting sketch for my reduction relief print for my print paper book class. I think it looks pretty sweet. Well anyways the print has to be cut then inked then cut again then inked in another color and then repeat etc. to get different colors. So I will have 4 colors as per the assignments requirements. Her hair will be the first layer and will be light brown, next the mushrooms and feathers will be a medium brown, the bow and lips and blood and apple will be a reddish brown and then last all the black outlines you see here will be a very dark brown. I have some elegant paper i'm printing on that is semi-victorian and im pretty excited but the cutting of the linoleum for this process is really really weird. like the layers and way you have to cut to isolate the colors during the printing process is very mathematical and planned out and my brain doesnt like to think that way, so we'll see what happens....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Print Paper Book Project 2: The Blood Countess Relief Print Final

I cut my pinky finger and fingernail while I was using my incising tool on my linoleum block. Sad day. :*(

This is the finished cut block of linoleum I can continually use this to make more prints if I desire.

I printed on a small hand press in the print shop and I used acid-free scrapbooking paper I got from jo anns from another project I did last year fortunately I had lots of victorianesque and very grungy purples and reds which worked beautifully for my theme. I had to make 7 editions so I have 7 prints total all on a different design of paper. I am VERY pleased with how this came out [: The following are some examples of the different types of papers and to show the different quality of the prints due to how much ink was applied and pressure.

Final of Digital Illustration Pattern Project

So here it is the finished pattern with hibiscus, cherry blossom, and vine-type plant I didn't particularly enjoy this, but I think I pulled it off. Maybe. lol This is the pattern tiled and how it would look if it were replicated.

This is the swatch for the pattern.
Thank goodness this is done lol.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Concepts and Metaphors: Assignment One Saturated Cowboy and Shadow

For my class Concepts and Metaphors we had to pick two words out of a hat and then illustrate that and include a shadow somewhere my words were Saturated and Cowboy.
Meticulous amounts of thumbnailing are required by my teacher and the circled one was the idea I went with. Two cowboy about to face off really close cropped on the guys face and you can see he's sweating a lot he's got shadows on his face and he also is casting a shadow and his opponent is waiting for him in the background. The diagonal dynamic made for an interesting composition.

Incredibly rough sketch lol

Finished version presented in class. Watercolors and the lines are traced with brown india ink. More vibrant that this photo shows. Everyone made fun of me and said I drew Owen Wilson haha. They liked my planar analysis and style of drawing a person which I developed from my drawing 2 class as my personal style for more fine arts and portraits it differs from my character style I do for example in my print paper book post with the blood countess thats more cartoony, this is more abstract. I liked it and it took awhile I hadn't used my watercolors in ever so I thought why not break 'em out!