Monday, January 25, 2010

Digital Illustration - Patterns Week 1

We started with 30 thumbnails/quick rough sketches and are supposed to make a 2 inch by 2 inch image that can be used as a pattern and the assignment said to focus on shape and form, and have very minimal colors. These are my sketches from in class, the circled ones are the ones my teacher thought I should push further.

This is the first idea i pushed further, and it's like an up close sample of tree bark. To get right down to form, i decided to focus on abstracting the plants/nature objects i chose as themes to really objectify the form and lines i found in the natural specimens. I was keeping in mind that this little patch would be replicated multiple times to create a larger pattern, so it can connect and expand off of itself.

The second idea i pushed was one of the hibiscus on my sketches page that my teacher highlighted he commented that the little stem things inside of the plant were very interesting, so i focused on that element and again abstracted the form to simple geometric shapes, with petals overlapping in the back and again it can fit together to make a larger pattern of itself.

The third idea will be the lotus petals, which my teacher also liked and then i will refine all of these and post the finished stuff after i'm all done. And thats my first project for digital illustration so far!

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