Thursday, February 4, 2010

Print Paper Book Project 2: The Blood Countess Relief Print Final

I cut my pinky finger and fingernail while I was using my incising tool on my linoleum block. Sad day. :*(

This is the finished cut block of linoleum I can continually use this to make more prints if I desire.

I printed on a small hand press in the print shop and I used acid-free scrapbooking paper I got from jo anns from another project I did last year fortunately I had lots of victorianesque and very grungy purples and reds which worked beautifully for my theme. I had to make 7 editions so I have 7 prints total all on a different design of paper. I am VERY pleased with how this came out [: The following are some examples of the different types of papers and to show the different quality of the prints due to how much ink was applied and pressure.

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