Thursday, February 4, 2010

Final of Digital Illustration Pattern Project

So here it is the finished pattern with hibiscus, cherry blossom, and vine-type plant I didn't particularly enjoy this, but I think I pulled it off. Maybe. lol This is the pattern tiled and how it would look if it were replicated.

This is the swatch for the pattern.
Thank goodness this is done lol.


  1. I like the finals, but I enjoyed your first ideas better. Why'd you change them?

  2. My teacher disliked my originals, he thought they were too "abstract" and he said he just didn't like them, he wouldn't give me a specific reason, but he urged me to change my idea entirely before it was due, which is code for if you don't re-do this when you turn it in you get an F lol But mine went over really well in class its actually marketable as a pattern, where as everyone else did like characters that repeated and some were good, but some were god awful and could never be patterns people would use. Thats why I went with the safe art deco approach, something that could be on a throw pillow at Target or some shit, I really only changed my idea for the good grade, sometimes you have to jump through loops here which is one of my pet peeves ar art school it's all about the teacher's personal taste.