Monday, February 1, 2010

Concepts and Metaphors: Assignment One Saturated Cowboy and Shadow

For my class Concepts and Metaphors we had to pick two words out of a hat and then illustrate that and include a shadow somewhere my words were Saturated and Cowboy.
Meticulous amounts of thumbnailing are required by my teacher and the circled one was the idea I went with. Two cowboy about to face off really close cropped on the guys face and you can see he's sweating a lot he's got shadows on his face and he also is casting a shadow and his opponent is waiting for him in the background. The diagonal dynamic made for an interesting composition.

Incredibly rough sketch lol

Finished version presented in class. Watercolors and the lines are traced with brown india ink. More vibrant that this photo shows. Everyone made fun of me and said I drew Owen Wilson haha. They liked my planar analysis and style of drawing a person which I developed from my drawing 2 class as my personal style for more fine arts and portraits it differs from my character style I do for example in my print paper book post with the blood countess thats more cartoony, this is more abstract. I liked it and it took awhile I hadn't used my watercolors in ever so I thought why not break 'em out!


  1. it does look like Owen Wilson. But in a good way.

  2. haha yeah now my teacher calls me Owen Wilson or Bree-ant he's infamous for nicknames lol